Naming and Dismantling the Wall(s): 2014 MCA Plenary Sessions

2014, 50:42 min
Jesus breaks down walls of hostility between peoples. But before we can live into that reality, our first task must be to recognize and name the wall(s) that do still divide us - within the church and within our country. It's not easy, but we must confess the barriers between settler and indigenous peoples. In doing so, amazing healing can come our way - "the truth shall set us free."

Secondly, the Church must align itself with the work of Christ in dismantling the walls between peoples. This requires a radical openness to receive the gifts of the "other" and recognize that ultimately there is no Church or gospel without "Jews and Gentiles" being together. We celebrate the oneness in Christ and honour that unity with truth-telling, power-sharing, and mutual leadership. In doing so, we'll realize the peace and diversity and richness of Christ.

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