What are Anabaptists?


The terms “Anabaptist” and “Neo-Anabaptist“get thrown around a lot nowadays. Figures like John Howard Yoder, Stanley Hauerwas, Greg Boyd, Stuart Murray, and Bruxy Cavey have been connected to its discourse, while inheritors of the historical Anabaptist tradition can be found in the “peace churches” of the Naked Anabaptist cover: Mennonites, Amish, Hutterites, Brethren in Christ, and others.

Given the theological terrain, I can certainly understand why this might lend towards confusion. The truth of the matter is that Anabaptists are called as such according to their theological distinctions, not necessarily according to their ethnicity or Church pedigree (e.g. Lutherans, Calvinists, etc.)

Boiling things down a bit, I’d like to highlight a few pieces of Church history that will hopefully clarify the terms and the movement. At the end of the piece, you’ll find a working Anabaptist Timeline of Events that should prove helpful in determining the socio-historical context of the evolving Anabaptist traditions.

(full transcript)

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