How Beautiful are the Feet: A Good Friday Communion and Footwashing Service, with Monologues

2014, 8 pp
How beautiful are the feet! Seriously? Are feet really that beautiful? We try to cover up our feet – keep them shod and protected and out of view from those around us. Feet can be dirty and stinky. We can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable about our feet. Feet are not the first thing we think of as the most beautiful of our body parts.

And yet the Romans 10 passage speaks of those who proclaim good news as having beautiful feet - as they walk the walk and talk the talk. Today, Good Friday, as we enter the story of the Passion of Jesus, we might notice the feet all around us. Mary anointed the feet of Jesus, Peter would not allow Jesus to wash his feet, the Disciples put one foot in front of the other as they tried to follow Jesus, and we even meet the character of Simon from Cyrene, who ended up carrying the cross of Jesus as he walked to his crucifixion. Today we gather at the foot of the cross. We will wash each other’s feet and we will share communion. Let us do so with the awareness that our feet have brought us to Jesus, the source of good news.

(4 actors)

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