Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture

DVD, 2013, 107 min.
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“Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by screens. Have we entered a Techno utopia or a virtual prison?”

Everyone would agree that we live in a media-saturated society, but how many consider the possibility that they have become captives? People of all ages are being held hostage by television, video games, social networks, movies, texting, tweeting, and more. They have become infatuated with the things of the world and distracted from God, from eternity, and from deeper relationships with each other.

This feature-length documentary is not anti-media or anti-technology, but raises concerns about the unchecked enthusiasm regarding media, and highlights the overwhelming evidence of growing problems on multiple fronts. It addresses the potential physical, moral, spiritual, mental, and emotional impact of today’s media and technology when consumed or used without discretion.

What really makes this movie extraordinary is the personal stories of everyday people who have found freedom from their former bondage to media and technology. Nick, an auto mechanic, shares about his former addiction to NASCAR and NFL. Corey, a young skateboarder, talks about his experience of going on a media fast. Neysa candidly admits her struggle with Farmville on Facebook, and several other stories bring this down to earth for the average viewer.

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