Shine: Sunday School Curriculum

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Shine: Living in God Light is a dynamic Sunday school curriculum that engages Christian communities and families in their life together, that:

  • calls children to experience the transforming power of God’s love and shine God's light in the world;
  • nurtures trust in God and invites children to follow Jesus;
  • encourages imaginative, interactive biblical storytelling;
  • explores the meaning of the Bible within the gathered community;
  • cultivates the inner life of the Spirit through spiritual practices;
  • expresses faith through lives of compassionate peacemaking and service.

Why Shine?

  • Shine prioritizes the Bible Story.
    The Bible story is the central focus of each Shine session and it is made accessible through Shine’s new Bible storybook, All of Us: God’s Story for You & Me.
  • Shine connects the Bible with daily life.
  • Shine emphasizes spiritual practices.
    Each session includes an age-appropriate spiritual practice that welcomes children into the presence of God.
  • Shine teaches Jesus’ way of peace.
    Shine emphasizes the concept of God’s shalom—peace with God, creation, neighbours, and self—and Jesus’ life and teachings of peace.
  • Shine values diversity.
    In content, illustration, and music, Shine shares the beautiful diversity of God’s creation with children and youth.
  • Shine makes learning fun with creative and insightful media connections.
    Each Shine session includes at least four age-appropriate media connections that can be used by the teacher to enhance learning or extend the session.
  • Shine supports your volunteers in their ministry of teaching.
    Each quarter, teacher’s guides will have a code to unlock articles and other teaching aids on the website.

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