Psychological Trauma, Implicit Memory, & The Verbal Logical Explainer (VLE): Disc 3 & 4 (of 4)

DVD, 2009, 195 min
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What is the Verbal Logical Explainer, and why is it so important? Join us for this fascinating presentation of both brain science, and true stories of personal transformation, and you’ll find out.

In his signature style of humbly sharing from his own healing journey, while also presenting compelling scientific evidence for the model of trauma and healing which he teaches, Dr. Lehman introduces the viewer to key concepts for understanding themselves and the people around them. If you’re like most of the folks who’ve helped us test this material before recording it, you’ll find it enlightening, and a bit sobering, too! Thankfully, Karl also shares simple yet effective new tools for recognizing and addressing the challenges he describes. Karl and Charlotte have found the understanding and tools presented here to be profoundly life-giving for their marriage, and all their closest relationships. We hope you’ll join us – and the rest of our “testers” – as we put this material into practice, and discover the full measure of blessings God wants to bring through it!

This seminar will:
  • Give a research-based definition of psychological trauma, and explain how the toxic content from unresolved trauma comes forward as “invisible” implicit memory
  • Present research and case studies that provide information about the “Verbal Logical Explainer” (VLE) – the part of our brain/mind whose job it is to make sense out of our experiences
  • Show how traumatic implicit memory interacts with the VLE to produce sometimes comical, sometimes costly, misinterpretations of our life experiences. These misinterpretations then have the power to wreak havoc in our closest relationships – spouse, family, community
  • Provide simple yet effective new tools for recognizing and limiting the damage of “invisible” implicit memory and VLE misinterpretations.
Also see Part 1 (Discs 1 & 2), available separately.
PublisherImmanuel Approach

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