Year B, Advent to Epiphany, 2014/15: Oh, that You would Reveal your Mystery

2013, 20 pp
During the season of Advent, God’s Christian children approach Christmas with a unique focus. We live in a culture that depreciates the value of waiting, and yet Advent is all about waiting. Like eager children waiting for the arrival of expected guests, we wait to experience the transforming presence of God in our midst. During this Advent season, you are invited to meditate on and wait for God’s mysterious coming.

We will worship and reflect on the Scriptures in conversation with each week’s subtheme. Beginning with the plea to God, “Reveal your Hope,” it will continue with a focus on pleas for God’s peace, joy, and love to be revealed. Then the tone changes to celebration of what has been revealed: God’s beauty in Jesus and God’s saving mystery at Epiphany.

The prayers and activities in this booklet are adapted from the Worship resources in Leader magazine.

Use the resource in whatever way best fits into your home’s routines and life stage realities. If your family has younger children, feel free to simplify, shorten, and paraphrase the prayers and pondering thoughts. Or, consider using the Early Childhood Birth Narrative Ritual. The pondering questions are designed to help you listen and respond to the nudging of the Holy Spirit. Feel free to share these thoughts or ponder them silently in your heart as Mary did.

Includes separate colouring pages!

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