'Welcome' in Romans 14:1-15:7: A 'Thought Experiment' and a Sample Covenant

2014, 11 pp
Does Romans 14:1-15:7 contain helpful instructions to address the current divisive subject of covenanted same sex relations present in the North American Mennonite Churches? If it does what are these instructions? What requires our attention and even more our adoption? But do the instructions really fit our current situation? Thought provoking questions!

This paper is an argument with myself. I reluctantly agreed to a wider audience because friends with whom I shared it energetically insisted that I permit its wider distribution. Further, I do not claim that I have diligently pursued finding settings to practice “welcome.” Nor am I in a leadership position where I encounter the conflicting demands of constituencies. In my retirement I no longer have that duty. My context is rather interchanges with friends and acquaintances who have differing views about covenanted same sex relationships, and a range of other opinions.

This I do know; Romans 14:1-15:7 shakes foundations and creates discomfort.

Also see related sermon.

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