In Confronting the Powers: Exploring the Relationship between Anarchism and Christianity
May 2014

2014, 50 pp

Issue 5

In This Issue:
  • Editorial: On Anarchy & Chrisianity...or Rather on Christian Anarchy
  • Christianity & Anarchism /// by Mark Butler & Graham Philpott
  • Man on a Donkey /// by John de Gruchy
  • Anarchic Christians before Bestial Powers /// by Allen Goddard
  • Eller's Ark /// by Carl Brook
  • Anarchy & the Christian Response to a Globalized Economy /// by Wayne Eaves
  • What do we say when we say "God"? /// by Cobus van Wyngaard
  • When Following Jesus gets you into Trouble /// by Andrew Sunderman
  • Pray the Devil Back to Hell
  • Resources for the Revolution
  • ANiSA library, readers respond & A Reders E-Zine

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