Church Matters Podcast: Episode 94: Conscientious Objection to War in South Korea
Guest: Jae Young Lee

PART OF SERIES Church Matters Podcast
2014, 22:38 min
On November 11, Remembrance Day, many Canadians take time to honour military veterans who have died in combat during current and past wars. On the Sunday closest to Nov. 11 (Peace Sunday), many Mennonite congregations worship on the theme of peace focusing on building a world without war. In both cases, a story that is seldom told is the Canadian-Mennonite history of Conscientious Objection to military service. In Canada, various forms and degrees of conscientious objection have been in place since 1793. Conscientious Objectors, often called Co's, may receive alternative service assignments or be sent to war in non-combative roles. In much of the rest of the world, conscientious objection is not an option. In South Korea, alternative service means a two-year prison term. Hear Jae Young Lee share the story of Sang Min Lee who is currently serving a prison term for refusing to participate in military training.

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