Health, Healing and the Church’s Mission: Biblical Perspectives and Moral Priorities

Book, 2012, 268 pp
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Who cares about health?

We all want health for ourselves and for others. When we don't have it we seek healing, whether from a medical professional or from a miracle. Yet for individuals or communities there are complexities to health and healing. the deepest questions are often personal and spiritual, but the social and economic elements add their own array of challenges.

Noted New Testament scholar Willard Swartly addresses the myriad questions that inevitably arise around this biblical and very human topic. What he finds is that we aren't the only ones who care about health and healing. So does God.

Swartley draws together biblical, historical and moral perspectives to help all Christians, including those in health care professions, respond to our current health care challenges. His conclusions will encourage, enlighten and, quite possibly, surprise readers.
GenreAcademic Theory/Thesis
ExpressionGeneral Writing/Recording
TopicHealing, Healthcare
PublisherInterVarsity Press

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