Spirituality With Clothes On: Examining What Makes Us Who We Are

Book, 2015, 154 pp
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There is no such thing as a naked spirituality. Our spirituality is always shaped by the clothes of our experience. The quest of Spirituality with Clothes On is to acknowledge that we do wear clothes; and, by examining them, we begin to understand ourselves and accept others who are wearing different outfits. We are what we wear: we cannot separate ourselves from our gender, personality, developmental stage, family, historical background, culture, or the difficult experiences of our lives. We need to acknowledge all these things, reflect on them--and sometimes even embrace them--in order to truly become ourselves.

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"This tour through the frameworks and forces that make us who we are, 'clothed in Christ' but also in the garments of family and culture, enables us to locate ourselves in a deeper way. Since knowing God and knowing self are interwined, Gareth Brandt invites us into a richly textured life of discipleship, a life that is colored by the complex threads that interweave a life in this world."
Len Hjalmarson, Adjunct Professor, George Fox Evangelical Seminary, Portland, OR

"Gareth Brandt walks us through our closets to bring to light the colors, textures, and styles of the clothes that dress up our nakedness. An accessible, helpful exploration of the dimensions that bring richness to our faith journey, as we are encouraged to reflect on and embrace the unique experiences of our lives."
-Don Neufeld, social worker in private practice, Ontario, Canada

"With disarming transparency and refreshing clarity, Gareth Brandt invites the reader to engage fully and passionately in the lifelong process of spiritual growth and to respond unreservedly to God's personal call to each person, uniquely created and deeply loved."
Dave Bergen, Executive Minister Christian Formation, Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, Canada

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