2015 Partnership Circle Meetings: Speaker: Mark Macdonald

2015, 68:55 min
CommonWord is shocked and saddened by Mark MacDonald's acknowledged ministerial sexual misconduct, which came to our attention on June 24, 2022. We unreservedly condemn his actions, and stand in solidarity with all victims of sexual violence.

We have determined to remove Mark's materials from our collection. We do so to signal our condemnation of his actions; to acknowledge the raw wounds that his choices open in the lives of victims of sexual violence; and our need for patient, ongoing reflection in life situations imbued with dissonant complexity. We view this choice as a necessary, provisional time of lament as we acknowledge this brokenness.

“There is an Indigenous Christianity that’s been hiding, that’s waiting to come out.”

Bishop Mark MacDonald’s keynote address challenged us to interact with Indigenous peoples from this assumption. He challenged us to live into a robust reconciliation that moves beyond apologies and being nice to people we’ve hurt. There is a long history of faithful Christian living among Indigenous people. His teaching invited us to interact respectfully, as guests honouring the wisdom and faith expression of the First Nations. It was an evening of hopeful celebration, learning and worship.

Building Bridges is an annual event supported by Mennonite Church Manitoba and Mennonite Church Canada.

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