New Great Themes of Scripture: Audio Book

CD, 2012, 13 hrs
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Instead of treating the Bible as a collection of isolated books, Rohr treats it as one inspired theology. Woven through it, he uncovers nine "prime ideas" that gradually unfold through both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures: shame and separation, vengeance and victims, law, grace, the redefinition of power, mystery, fear and intimacy, the paradox of the cross, and the process of divinization or "mutual indwelling."

Richard describes the Bible as a text in travail, containing not just conclusions, but a process which mirrors our own journey (three steps forward, two steps backward). In the three steps forward, Scripture always reveals that we are related to something infinite and that ours is an enchanted and trustworthy universe.

Much of religion discloses human beings trying to become spiritual. We are already spritual, says Richard; our desperate task, with the Spirit's help, is to be more fully human. Our journey reveals the whole story of human history—a story of transformation. Throughout history, human consciousness develops so that we can finally imitate and relate to a totally non-violent God.
PublisherFranciscan Media

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