2015 Mennonite Heritage Sunday: Restoration: Take Heart, Get Up; He is Calling You!

2015, 2 pp
‘Restoration’ as individuals and as a people is an ongoing process throughout our lives. Moving toward and away from God in our journeys, we sometimes find ourselves living in a foreign land or on the outside of the in-group. Whether through prophets who call for communal repentance and a return to prosperity, or through a saviour who heals and mediates on our behalf, a relationship with God is always at hand. God is able to heal and to restore.

Restoration comes in many forms – for some it is through land and status. For others, restoration consists of healing from sickness, and inclusion in community. Restoration may mean a return to employment, to an estranged family, or to a welcoming church community.

This worship resource focuses on how God restores – the land, God’s blessing, a permanent priest in Jesus, and sight/insight to the blind. What is God restoring to the church today? How have we prepared ourselves to accept it? Live in God’s way and restoration is assured.

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