Sold Into Egypt: Joseph's Journey Into Human Being

1989, 235 pp
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In this book, we trace a new journey, that of Jacob's favored younger son, Joseph - journey on many levels; the abduction from Canaan country to pagan Egypt with its slavery and sophistication, from poverty to riches, from insignificant to the power of privilege and leadership, from the foolish arrogance of youth to the seasoned wisdom of maturity, comes with hard lessons learned and relationships restored.

L'Engle joins Joseph on this journey as she herself moves through grief. With the loss of her beloved husband, she traverses the barren desert of bereavement. And just as Yahweh was Joseph's strong companion in the desert journey, in the house of Potiphar, in prison, and in his rise to power, so God was with the author of this book and she assures us he will be with us as we, too, move toward the human-ness of true maturity.

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