Church Matters Podcast: Episode 100: Radical Change in the Church: What Must a Pastor Do? (Part Two)
Guest: Stuart Blythe

PART OF SERIES Church Matters Podcast
2015, 15:00 min
The church is changing so rapidly that to ignore the change is at our own peril. What must the church do in this new and foreign landscape to revitalize its reason for being?

Join Dr. Stuart Blythe, Rector at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Amsterdam for Part 1 of a conversation on rapid change in the church and how the church can meaningfully respond.

Originally from Scotland, Blythe has a PhD in Homiletics from Edinburgh and calls himself a practical theologian. Prior to taking on the role of Rector, he was a pastor of Baptist churches in Scotland. Blythe has a strong interest in Anabaptism, and is committed to church planting and the congregation as the centre of God’s mission. Blythe was keynote speaker at the Leadership in Ministry Seminar February 9 – 11, 2015, at Canadian Mennonite University.

Also see Part One.

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