Blended Voices: A Handbook For Music And Worship Leaders

Book, 2005, 111 pp
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The word "worship: derives from the old Anglo-Saxon worthscipe, which means to ascribe worth to someone or something. For Christians, this points to the first commandment that calls us to ascibe supreme worth to God. This definition is a good starting point for any discussion of Christian worship. However, both biblical evidence and Christian experience suggest that worship is too multi-dimensional and paradoxical to be statically defined. For example, we are instructed to worship God 'in spirit and in thruth (John 4:24).' This impies that we are to worship God not only with our lips (Hebrews 13:15) but also with our lives (Romans 12:1,-2). We are to worship God through music (Colossians 3:16) but also through practical service (James 1:27).

A Worship Planning Handbook with the following chapters:
  • Understanding Worship
  • Musical Leadership in the Church
  • Contemporary Worship Music
  • The Church Choir: An Endangered Species?

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