Dancing with Elephants: A Beginners Guide to Losing Your Mind

In a world afraid of dying, not achieving and not succeeding, I reflect on the gift of losing my mind (my friends have always thought I had holes in my head but now my doctors have also confirmed their accusations). While my blog posts use my experience with Huntington’s Disease as a springboard, they raise issues which may be of interested to anyone for dementia or disability as touched with life. In some ways this is a blog about being human – a fragile way of being for all us.

To that end, I write stories and reflections about learning to laugh and let go. I do not hold out myself as a model of success. Models of success are part of the problem, not the solution.

My goal is to create insightful, disturbing and perhaps inspiring content that you can put to work in your learning to dance with the elephants in your life.

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