Hit & Stay: A History of Faith and Resistance

DVD, 2014, 97 min
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This award-winning documentary tells the inspiring story of a group of radical priests, nuns, and everyday people who risked prison and took on the government to end the Vietnam War.

On May 17, 1968, nine Catholic activists entered a Selective Service office in suburban Catonsville, Maryland, dragged stacks of draft records outside, and set them on fire with homemade napalm. They then prayed and waited to be arrested. After their trial captured national headlines others heard their call to action.

Between 1967-1972, there were hundreds of acts of civil disobedience against US draft boards and the Dow Chemical Co., resulting in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of 1-A draft files and the orderly process of the US government's ability to wage war in Vietnam. Hit & Stay tells the hidden history of the action community and the raids they staged that turned priests, nuns, and college students into fugitives and targets of the FBI.

Features coverage of Baltimore Four, Catonsville Nine, Milwaukee 14, DC Nine, Chicago 15, Women Against Daddy Warbucks, Boston Eight, The Citizen's Commission to Investigate the FBI, Camden 28, and many more.

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PublisherBrink Vision

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