Christ at the Coffee Shop

2015, 5:41 min
In the spring of 2015, Pastor Kassa Lemma of Rehoboth Evangelical Church in Toronto invited Mennonite Church Canada Executive Director Willard Metzger to speak at an Ethiopian Evangelistic conference. Metzger admits that his first response was hesitant. “We don’t do that anymore as Mennonites.” But he says the more he thought about it, the more he realized that we do engage in evangelism—we just go about it in different ways.

Evangelism—what historic Mennonite congregations might refer to as Christian witness—is at the heart of church ministry. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus defines our call to mission clearly: we are to make disciples around the world and teach others the Jesus way.

In a society where different expressions of culture, life and religion grow increasingly apparent, questions arise about how to approach our central mission respectfully and meaningfully. It’s interesting to note that although Jesus calls us to make disciples of all nations, he doesn’t offer specifics about how to go about it. That leaves plenty of room for flexibility.

Just as people around the globe relate to one another through a wide range of languages, cultures and religious practices, the way they share religious perspectives and faith will also vary. There is no one right way to share our faith, just as there is no single kind of recipient for the message.

Mennonite Church Canada continues to welcome new Canadians whose ideas about Christian witness or and evangelism differ from those of historic Mennonite congregations.

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