40Acts: Do Lent Generously: Jesus at Our Table

2015, 25 pp
Lent marks a pivotal point in the history of the church, when Jesus prepared to give himself up as a sacrifice. Traditionally we mark Lent by giving something up, but what if it could be more than that? What if Lent were a preparation for a lifetime of big-heartedness?

40acts is a generosity challenge which encourages people to approach Lent differently. During the 40 days of Lent, 40acts participants are invited to take part in 40 simple acts of generosity which will challenge them to ‘do Lent generously’ in 2016. The acts are wide-ranging but are all designed to explore what it means to be generous in a practical way.

The key is that small acts of generosity, performed by thousands of people across the UK and beyond, have the power to make a big change to our communities, to our churches and, ultimately, to our world. A movement of generosity.

These seven sermon outlines are designed to help your church explore generosity by sharing ideas and biblical principles that underpin the Easter message. We’ve chosen not to provide fully scripted sermons, but instead have provided the key ingredients, allowing you to add the anecdotes and the detours that will work best for your congregation.

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