Churches on the Margins: Anabaptist Polygenesis in Chile

Book, 2015, 76 pp
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This investigation introduces readers to the various Mennonite church groups that have emerged at different places in Chile over the last couple of decades. We therefore describe this as a polygenesis of diverse Mennonite church initiatives that have arisen quite independently from each other, not unlike the original Anabaptist movement sprouting in multiple places at about the same time. While we do not claim an exhaustive treatment, we trust readers will get a representative picture of the history and ministries of these churches, the way they relate to one another within their social and ecclesial surroundings, as well as the challenges the young churches face.

What follows is a narrative history, rather than a formal academic history, based on informal conversations and personal observation as we accompanied these churches while on my (Titus’) sabbatical semester from Canadian Mennonite University in 2006, and also while on assignment with Mennonite Church Canada Witness and Mennonite Mission Network U.S. for five weeks in 2009, and while both of us were on assignment again with Mennonite Church Canada Witness from January to June in 2013.

We trust that the publication of this narrative history of the Chilean Anabaptist-Mennonite “churches on the margins” – once it is translated into Spanish, of course – will strengthen their knowledge of themselves and of their sister churches, and that this improved knowledge may become a bridge for increased fellowship and collaboration between church groups. We are not painting these church groups as “perfect fellowships” but we are confident that the testimony emerging from this investigation will be an inspiration to all who read it.

Also available in Spanish.
PublisherMennonite Church Canada

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