2015 Fall Partnership Circle - Called to Action: Speakers: Patricia Vickers and Deanna Zantingh

2015, 72:03 min
At the Fall Partnership Circle in October 2015, we explored the question of how the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action might gift, challenge and transform us.

Dr. Patricia Vickers from the Tsimshian Nation of the Eagle Tribe, Village of Gitxalla encourages us to think of reconciliation as a “continuous process” that requires us to “be in the mind of Christ” who teaches us to love both our neighbours and ourselves. To this end, Patricia challenges us to look into our thoughts and emotions “with the light of truth”.

Deanna Zantingh is Camp Director at Mishkeegogamang First Nation. She sees the calls to action as a “gift” because they “come out of the process of listening to survivors…voices that can orient the church back to our own story”. Deanna reflects that Christian witness doesn’t always “require words or even performance of services”. First and foremost, Christian witness must create the conditions by which “we become one with one another”.

Building Bridges is an annual event supported by Mennonite Church Manitoba and Mennonite Church Canada.

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