2016 Many Peoples Sunday: God’s call to proclaim the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to all nations

2016, 3 pp
Theme: God’s call to proclaim the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to all nations.

Many People’s Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of God’s multicultural church around the world and grow into God’s vision of being a people where God’s light shines more fully because the gifts of all nations are welcomed (Rev. 21). “Birds of a feather flock together” is an old proverb that many find comforting; yet God’s vision challenges uniformity. The growing diversity of peoples becomes God’s way for the church to learn and grow together, and to be transformed into greater Christ likeness.

Canada is becoming more and more multi-cultural, with people on the move from around the world. If churches are not responding to this changing reality within society, we will be left out. Anabaptist churches are not an exception. We may come from different flocks but one of our hymns reminds us that “We are strangers no more, but members of one family”; we are all citizens of God’s Kingdom and are to grow together in the Body of Christ.

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