Care for God's Creatures

Book, 2016, 7 pp
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Furry, feathered, finned, four-legged, and winged, the diversity of God’s creatures inspires wonder and awe. From Noah’s Ark, to barn animals surrounding baby Jesus, to Isaiah’s vision of the lion dwelling with the lamb, God’s creatures play an important role in the Bible. In the psalms, creatures give praise to God, having their own relationship with God separate from humanity. Thus, knowing and loving God’s creatures helps us better know our Creator. While Genesis 2:1-15 calls humans to till and keep creation, Genesis 1 calls us to also marvel at and love all creatures.

The seven days of creation narrative does not inspire a spirit of superiority, a distance, of domination, or of exploitation. The seven days narrative is inspired by, testifies to, and hopes to inspire a spirit immediately seized by divine love… For the seven days narrative calls us to love as God loves. It calls us to godly dominion.

Non-human creatures enrich our human vocation, teach us about God, and companion us on life’s journeys. We give thanks for all God’s creatures and devote ourselves to better care of, and relationship with, these creatures.

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