Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery: From Wrongs to Rights

2016, 3 pp
Everything has a beginning, a genesis, its “birth” so to speak. And so it is for the Doctrine of Discovery. It almost sounds like an adventure, this Doctrine of Discovery – a journey to discover, seek, and learn new and wonderful things. Yet the reality is anything but wonderful – it is the opposite of all that is just, ethical, and moral. The genocide committed under the Doctrine of Discovery (also referred to as the Doctrine of Christian Discovery or Doctrine of Dominance) must be brought into the light for all to see. Great Indigenous scholars like Steven Newcomb, Tamara Starblanket, Vine Deloria Jr, Arthur Manuel, and Sharon Venne have written about the Doctrine of Discovery bringing attention to its brutal global impact. I invite each reader to research the information provided in this article as a part of one’s duty to live morally, and to help all our children walk toward a future of peace.

Excerpted from Wrongs to Rights.

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