The Heart of Anabaptism: Core Conviction #5 - Church is God's Kingdom Together
Webinar Presentation

2015, 66:56 min

Core Conviction #5: "Churches are called to be committed communities of discipleship and mission, places of friendship, mutual accountability and multi-voiced worship. As we eat together, sharing bread and wine, we sustain hope as we seek God’s kingdom together. We are committed to nurturing and developing such churches, in which young and old are valued, leadership is consultative, roles are related to gifts rather than gender and baptism is for believers."

Alexandra Ellish recently moved with her husband Phil, daughter Gracie (6) and son James (4) to join the Urban Expression team based in Harold Hill, East London. Alex helps to coordinate Urban Expression, and also works with the Mennonite Trust and Anabaptist Network as a development worker. Alex is passionate about community organising, multi-voiced worship, building relationships with people from different backgrounds, feminism and spiritual formation. She loves the Pentatonix, running in the rain and people-watching over a cup of coffee.

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