The Gift of Anabaptism in Youth Ministry

2016, 22:14 min
Sarah Ann Bixler interviews Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean (Princeton Seminary) about the gifts Anabaptist bring to youth ministry. Dean identifies two key areas:
  • emphasis on community - particularly important in adolescence when a "sense of tribe" and belonging is essential.
  • prophetic voice rooted in faith - particularly important as adolescents naturally learn to critique "what's wrong with the world."
Both these Anabaptist contributions can be a blessing to youth ministry. As all blessings, though, the flip side is their potential "curse." In this regard, Dean acknowledges the temptation of "community" to become insular or withdrawn. A tendency of "prophecy" is to become untethered from the biblical tradition and evolve into a "politically correct" voice promoting self-centred political and social agenda.

Dean, a United Methodist scholar, is very appreciative of the Anabaptist tradition and gives a helpful "outsider's" voice in this interview.

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