Very Married: Field Notes on Love and Fidelity

Book, 2016, 222 pp
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Katherine Willis Pershey has never slept with the mailman or kissed an ex-boyfriend. Good thing, since she’s married. But simply not committing adultery does not give you the keys to “happily ever after,” as Pershey has come to find out in her own marriage and in her work as a pastor. What is this sacred covenant that binds one person to another, and what elements of faith and fidelity sustain it?

In Very Married, Pershey opens the book on all things marital. With equal parts humour and intelligence, Pershey speaks frankly about the challenges and consolations of modern marriage. As she shares her own tales of bliss and blunder, temptation and deliverance, Pershey invites readers to commit once again to the joyful and difficult work of cherishing another person. For better or worse. For life.

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Also see review by Mennonite World Review and review by Robert Cornwall.
"Very Married is not a paean to the idea of marriage, and Pershey refuses to glamorize wedded life. Instead, she shows that vowing lifelong fidelity to another is complex and that sometimes our best efforts will not be enough to save us from divorce. Yet it is this resistance to idealizing marriage that makes her book one of the best I’ve read on the topic. Pershey’s words challenge me to look to my own 19-year commitment to marriage and to the ways my husband and I, like Pershey, can continue to make a 'beautiful and resilient marriage together.'" - Melanie Springer Mock, Mennonite World Review

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