Yours, Mine, Ours: Timeline Poster

2016, 2 pp
This 2-sided timeline poster published in Yours, Mine, Ours (pp. 26-27, 48-49) includes:
  • Dates of Discovery and Dispossession

    "The Doctrine of Discovery is a pirate law!" says my friend Adrian Jacobs. But when did the pirates invent the concept? That's complicated. Most point to the 15th century, when those notorious papal bulls were being produced as Europeans trekked across the Atlantic. Yet some say the thinking behind Discovery can be traced all the way back to the just war theories of the Church "fathers." Others argue that it has beginnings in the ancient Roman notion of "res nullius" (nobody's property). Still others suggest that it goes right back to the Bible, to those distrubing Israelite narratives of Canaanite conquest.

    What we can say without doubt is that these pirates like the church, and the church - regrettably - liked them. Though many swashbucklers may now find themselves inside courtrooms, big resource companies, or state bureaucracies, we can't hide the disturbing reality - pirates have a long history within the Christian Church. This timeline offers a few dates.
  • Remembering Resistance

    Stolen lands, broken bodies, fractured nations. Many of us are becoming aware of the ways in which Indigenous peoples have experienced dispossession. Many of us know that we must contemplate these devastating stories - weep through them, even "take and eat" them - if we are to grasp the depth of the wounds inflicted.

    Yet memories of loss and lament can't stand alone. They must be matched with indigenous acts of resilience that can breathe life and hope. From first contact until today, Indigenous peoples have actively resisted, with tremendous tenacity, the theft of their lands and lives. This poster offers a few of these stories.
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