Peace Amid & After Trauma: Resources for staying centered, courageous, and connected in challenging times

Strengthen your resilience for the long haul. Address current and historical trauma with justice and conflict transformation processes. Listen deeply to find your call in a changing world.

The rapid convergence of pandemic, economic upheaval, and social unrest have left many of us raw and off-balance. No wonder we can sometimes feel activated, sometimes frozen, and sometimes cautiously hopeful.

The ongoing and cumulative effects of collective trauma on your nervous system can be exhausting over time, affecting your creativity and relationships. Individuals, organizations, congregations, and communities who understand the impact and energy of trauma - current, generational, historical, perpetration-induced - can take steps to protect their wellbeing.

This time of upending in our world is a marathon, not a sprint. [...] We all need more than resilience tools. In this changing landscape, we also need an understanding of the links between trauma, structures, and cycles of violence. We need nonviolent ways to work for justice. And we need ways to listen from the heart as well as the mind.

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