The Last Objectors: A World War II Documentary

directed by Andrew Wall
DVD, 2016, 45 min
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To screen the film, please contact Conrad Stoesz (Mennonite Heritage Archives).

The Last Objectors is a TV-Hour (45 min) documentary on Canada’s conscientious objectors of the Second World War who chose to perform alternative service instead of going to war. They would spend years working in forestry camps, hospitals, asylums and various other positions throughout the country with little pay and no benefits.

More than 11,000 Mennonites, Quakers, Hutterites and other pacifists across Canada refused to take up arms during the Second World War on the grounds of their faith. The Last Objectors tells their story through intimate interviews, as well as existing photographs and footage.

Many conscientious objectors were sent to Alternative Service — often brutal, demanding and at times dangerous work in mines, forestry, on farms and factories. Some would also work in the medical field, some as military medics at the front, or staffing Canadian mental hospitals.

Their story offers insight into timely questions around the conflict between personal convictions and civic duty, and how we address human rights in the context of war.

Film awards include:

  • FINALIST - Best Documentary
    Christian Life International Film Festival - 2017
    Association of Manitoba Archives Manitoba - Manitoba, Canada - 2017
  • WINNER - Best Feature Documentary
    Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada - 2017
  • WINNER - GOLD - Best Documentary
    World Documentary Awards, Bali, Indonesia - 2016
  • WINNER - SILVER - World Humanitarian Award
    World Humanitarian Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia - 2016
  • FINALIST - Best Documentary
    Views of the World Music & Film Festival, Montreal, Canada - 2016

"This past year I used the video in class to see its impact and what I found was that many of the students pointed to this film as significant in opening up their view on non-violence" - Patrick Friesen, teacher, Steinbach Bible College.

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