Sexual Abuse Prevention: Webinar Presentation

2016, 55:51 min
In this webinar, Anna Groff, executive director of Dove’s Nest, discusses best practices for sexual abuse prevention in our congregations.

Some highlights:
  • Believe–if a youth discloses sexual abuse/violence, believe him/her (2:3 women have experience sexual violence)
  • Learn more–know and understand grooming signs for sexual abuse Implement and follow a protection policy
  • Consider and safeguard against youth on youth/child sexual abuse
  • Nurture healthy and deep listening culture
  • Understand boundary crossing vs. boundary violation
  • Intentions are irrelevant
Increase safety:
  • Decrease isolation and secrecy
  • Increase supervision–2 adult rule
  • All activities should be observable and interruptable
  • Provide education on personal, emotional, and physical boundaries
  • Educate about appropriate touch

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