Rewilding The Way: Webinar Presentation

2016, 59:27 min
On January 12, 2016, The Gathering Place had the pleasure of talking and learning with Todd Wynward, author of the book, Rewilding The Way: Break Free To Follow An Untamed God. In this webinar, Todd invited us to reflect and consider, “What type of prophetic people might we be in this day and age? What identifies us as economically different than others in society, as Christians? And can we do this while we are so intertwined with the ’empire’ of our current culture?”

Not everyone can move into a cave and engage in monastic living, but there is something that the ‘wilderness’ offers us who desperately seek for something…more…in our faith and life. Going into the ‘wilderness’ or separating ourselves for periods of time enables us to listen to the voice of God more clearly.

Living forever in a wilderness, removed from the world, for most of us is not a viable option. But, what might a liturgical wilderness look like (before worship or community gathering, drop keys/phone in bowl) or Sabbath for periods of time from technology or being busy, or the need to be ‘useful.’? Because it all comes down to this:

What are we to do with the time we’ve been given? What are we going to do with the resources we’ve been given?

As Christians, how are we rewinding and rewilding our lives, to reflect on who God is calling us to be in this day and age–not just to get swept away with life simply because ‘everyone else is doing it’? What if we were positioned at this time to transition our youth to a more integrated way of living and faith and culture?

Is it time to become wild again?

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