Overplayed: Webinar Presentation

2016, 1:00:09 min
Margot Starbuck & Dave King, authors of Overplayed, offer The Gathering Plac community a thought-provoking webinar on the busy lives of youth. In this presentation, they address common myths parents/adults believe about playing sports/choosing activities and offer wisdom about how to navigate through the many choices busy families face.

  • Know your child…you don’t owe your child.
  • Have a clear understanding of your own family mission. Use this as the lens in which to choose activities.
  • Decide ahead of time, before a season begins, your schedule and let coaches/advisers know what your child will not be able to attend. Don’t decide on the fly.
  • Multiple-sports/diversity of activities is not only good, but needed!
  • Let your child lead the conversation after a game/event. Hearing from their point-of-view allows you to see what really matters to them (as opposed to your perspective which might be more performance driven).
Also see related book, available separately.

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