The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships

2017, 29 pp
This resource is written in the spirit of the Being a Faithful Church resolution that was passed at the Mennonite Church Canada Assembly, July 6-10, 2016. That resolution affirms the church’s traditional understanding of marriage, but allows for individuals and congregations whose study of Scripture, prayerful discernment, and sense of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, leads them to a different understanding on committed same-sex relationships. The resolution also recommends that “Mennonite Church Canada and Area Churches develop ways to hear one another around the implementation of this resolution.” This resource is an attempt to help us as a church do just that—hear, understand, and appreciate each other better, in the midst of our diversity and our painful disagreement. This resource focuses specifically on different ways of reading the Bible in light of same-sex relationships, because for many good reasons, the Bible plays a critical role in the debate.

This resource is very much a work in progress. There is so much more that could and should be said about all sides of the issue. But dealing with the topic thoroughly would require a lengthy book, and few people have the inclination to wade through a whole book on the topic. There is need for a relatively short, straightforward document that names and explores the central issues at stake, and is also accessible to ordinary church folks, a document that can perhaps be a resource for a series of adult Sunday school sessions, or a congregational discernment process, or simply individual reflection.

Includes discussion questions.

(2 sessions)

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