We Need to Talk: Starting a Conversation on Homosexuality and Same-Sex Relationships

2018, 12 pp
Michael Pahl, as pastor, offers his congregation, Morden Mennonite Church, several "guideposts" to the conversation on homosexuality and same-sex relationships:
  • Reality #1: We are called to love others the way Christ has loved us.
  • Reality #2: There are faithful Christians who come to very different conclusions on same-sex questions, and have very different experiences of sexuality.
  • Reality #3: Human sexuality is more complex than we often think it is.
  • Reality #4: The Bible‚Äôs teaching on homosexuality is not as simple and straightforward as we might like it to be.
  • Reality #5: We must set these questions within a broader Christian perspective on sexuality and sin.
This pamphlet may be a helpful conversation starter/guide in your own congregational setting.

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