Church Matters Podcast: Episode 117: Life at the End of Us vs. Them
Guest: Author, Marcus Rempel

PART OF SERIES Church Matters Podcast
2017, 29:46 min, 15 min
“If we feel like we have to get the rules right before we can love each other, we’re never going to get there,” says Marcus Rempel, author of Life at the End of Us vs. Them. We live in a time of deep partisanship, clashing cultures of all kinds, and fractured relationships with each other. No sooner has a group aligned with a particular cause, than it splinters as individuals face off against each other on other disagreements. To continue on this path as a society will lead to chaos. Rempel offers both a stark warning and extends a helping hand to those grasping for a way out.

Listen to either the 15 min radio broadcast or complete 29 min podcast.

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