The Cruciform Thesis: Volume 2

Book, 2017, 818 pp
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  • Introduction: Something Else Is Going On
Part IV. The Principle of Cruciform Accommodation
  • The "Masks of a Humble God: Revelation and the Eternal Outpouring of the Triune God
  • The Heavenly Missionary: Yahweh's Accommodation of the Law, Nationalism, and Violence
Part V. The Principle of Redemptive Withdrawal
  • Divide Aikido: The Cross as the Revelation of God's "Wrath"
  • Crime and Punishment: Divine Withdrawal and the Self-Destructive Nature of Sin
  • Doing and Allowing: The Crucicentric Significance of Scripture's Dual Speech Pattern
  • A Question of Divine Culpability: Responding to Objections to the Principle Redemptive Withdrawal
  • Defending Divine Genocide: The Inadequacy of Traditional Defenses of the Conquest Narrative
  • When God's Nonviolent Plans Fail: The Cruciform Interpretation of the Conquest Narrative
Part VI. The Principle of Cosmic Conflict
  • The Battle of the Gods: Cosmic Conflict and the Old Testament
  • Caught in the Cross Fire: Cosmic Conflict and the New Testament
  • When Hell Breaks Loose: Redemptive Withdrawal and Cosmic Conflict
  • The Dragon-Swallowing Dragon: Examples of Cosmic-Level Aikido Warfare
Part VII. The Principle of Semiautonomous Power
  • Mauling Bears and a Lethal Palladium: When Divine Power Gets Misused
  • Postscript: Unlocking the Secret of the Scroll
  • Appendix V: The Escalation of Violence in the Promised Land
  • Appendix VI: Hardening People's Hearts
  • Appendix VII: Can Satan's Kingdom Be Divided against Itself?
  • Appendix VIII: The Quail Plague
  • Appendix IX: The Testing of Abraham
  • Appendix X: The Issue of Supersessionism
  • Suggested Readings on Central Topics in The Crucifixion of the Warrior God
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index of Authors and Subjects
  • Index of Scripture
ExpressionGeneral Writing/Recording
Publisher1517 Media

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