Colour Distinctive: Art and Spirituality: July - August 2017

2017, 2 pp
Two exhibits.

Artist Sharon Loeppky writes: “I am a wanderer in my neighbourhood. I follow the paths, the creeks, and the field roads and rarely walk far from home. But the completeness of this small world astounds me. Here I see a divine creation that never ends, a world that is constantly being made new.

“As an artist, this act of renewal or re-creation is also my task. This work is my connection to the Creator God, one in whose image I am also created. At the time, the work is exhausting and seems unending, but this search for the new as it emerges from the old pulls me on.

“As in the natural world, my re-creations are also a remaking of something past. A piece of a broken teapot, a tile from a rubbish heap, or a treasure found in a thrift store remains recognisable as part of that old creation and brings its own story to the new."

And, artists Genevie Henderson and Angela Lillico write: “As impressionistic and expressionist artists, we hope to evoke emotional reactions to our vibrant, colourful, and sometimes calm, ethereal paintings. We strive to create art from our hearts and minds that will touch the soul.

“For both of us, art making is a deeply felt and spiritual experience. We believe that art can be invigorating, awakening, and healing not only for ourselves but also for others. It can be a life-affirming and life-changing process. Art can promote mindfulness, meditation, and a sense of discovery. These beneficial concepts have been well documented in studies on expressive therapies.

“As artists, we have a responsibility and a duty to share our art, whether that is through accessible exhibition, teaching art for self expression, creating art to beautify and enhance our community, or through philanthropic efforts that benefit others. Creativity through art in our world can inspire, ignite, and make a difference."

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