Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life

Book, 2017, 218 pp
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Feeling burnt-out from life, strung-out from social media, and put out by a society that always wants more from you? Then this book is an invitation to help you lead a free and authentic life, one rooted in a radical spirit of humility drawn from ancient spiritual wisdom that echoes the insights of the ages and, as Joan Chittister writes, "sings of a fresher, truer tomorrow."

This practical and inspiring guide to help transform our thinking offers us freedom from anxiety, worry, and tensions at home, at work, and in all our relationships by asking us to give ourselves to something greater. We need to develop the strength to acknowledge our faults, Sister Joan contends, to strip away our masks, seek wisdom rather than simply facts, listen more intently, and think before speaking in order to create respectful friendships, families, and communities.

With twelve simple rules for healthy spiritual living derived from Rule of Saint Benedict, a sixth-century book on leading a God-centred life, Sister Joan affirms the need to develop enduring values by shifting our attention to something greater than ourselves. "Consider this moment another step in your search for a direction in life that is tried and true," writes Sister Joan. "It intends to open your heart and mind to the wellspring of your spiritual self. It can launch you down the path to the fullest kind of human development."

Let's walk this new life together.

GenrePersonal Theory/Thesis
ExpressionGeneral Writing/Recording
PublisherPenguin Random House

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