Women's Bodies as Battlefield: Christian Theology and the Global War on Women

Book, 2015, 224 pp
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Christian theology has been complicit in justifying the war on women, but it also has resources to help finally declare peace in the war on women. War itself has come to resemble the war on women, and thus strategies to end the war on women, supported by new Christian theological interpretations, will also help end today's endless wars.

"[...A]ddress the ways in which Western models of war and peace affect the global War on Women. … the book is certainly an accessible read for people from a variety of social locations and interest levels … . This book is entirely rooted in culture, lived experience, historical understanding, and, above all, it offers a hopeful roadmap for praxis that will lead to a life-giving future for all.” - Katie Deaver, Christian Feminism Today, eewc.com, March, 2016

"[...W]ar and violence against women have some of the same social, cultural, and religious roots. Women's Bodies as Battlefield is a very significant critical intervention in the public discourses on the war on women a must-read for anyone engaged in such conversations." - Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Krister Stendahl Professor, The Divinity School, Harvard University, USA

"With the comprehensive scholarly analysis and complex feminist insight that we have come to expect from Thistlethwaite's work, she reveals the intricate and inextricable relationship of wars fought between nations and the wars fought on women's bodies. To read this book is to be compelled to act against the 'reality of violence in women's lives,' by witnessing against international, national, and domestic wars, for women's bodies are the link between all of them." - Kelly Brown Douglas, Professor of Religion, Goucher College, USA

"The idea of 'just war' has more often been an excuse than a standard for a real public policy debate about the United States waging war. Thistlethwaite lays the groundwork for a serious critique that includes a gender analysis. It's high time we had this conversation." - Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune, Founder and Senior Analyst, Faith Trust Institute, USA

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