Stories and Practices: A Sermon on Honouring Differences

2017, 24:50 min
A sermon on honouring differences. Available both in text and audio file.

The story is told by David Foster Wallace of two young fish swimming along. An older fish swims by and greets them, “hey fellas, how’s the water?” The two younger fish nod back and him and keep swimming. Until after a while, the one fish turns to the other and says, “What the heck is water?”

That’s kind of how it is with this privilege stuff that we’ve been talking about for the past month. It can be hard to see, because we’re swimming in it. “What the heck is racism?” or “It’s 2017, is gender inequality still a thing?” But there are way too many voices out there telling us that their lives have been shaped by these things for us to ignore, that the dynamics of systemic racism and violence and exclusion are still at work, even if we don’t feel it ourselves. And it’s way too convenient how the way the world just happens to work in my favour for me to simply accept that this is how it has to be.

Still, it’s hard to see the water, and it’s hard to know how to begin swimming against the current. So this sermon offers a handful of stories and practices. Practices that can help us to open our eyes and our hearts, and stories to show how this is playing out in real lives like ours.

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