The M Word: My Personal Awakening to God's Work: Vol 24

2017, 28 pp
Be prepared, in this booklet, to take a journey. Your guide is Paula Killough, senior executive at Mennonite Mission Network, as she describes her changing understandings of God’s reconciling work in the world. “In 2006,” she writes, “the ‘M’ word—mission—was not a part of my vocabulary.” Mission, in her view at that time, was “the method used to accomplish the goals of colonialism—cultural genocide, coercive baptisms to Christianity, wealth and resource extraction.”

The author walks the reader through six remarkable stories that have gradually transformed her view of how mission can happen with cultural sensitivity, biblical faithfulness, and mutual respect.

This booklet would be great for use in Sunday school classes or small groups as a discussion starter for people struggling with how to engage in mission with integrity, humility, and authenticity.

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