Praying for Peace: 2017 Peace Sunday Packet

2017, 15 pp

Use on November 12, Peace Sunday 2017, or at another convenient opportunity.

Remembrance Day is a time when our country focuses attention on Canada’s military history and the sacrifice of Canadians who gave their lives in war. For Anabaptist churches, it is a time to remember that followers of Jesus are called to be people of peace.

This year’s resource consists very simply of a collection of prayers from around the world, and in particular from contexts where MCC works. In light of the chaos, disorder and violence in our wider world, it is right to clasp our hands, hearts and voices in prayer for peace.

We pray for peace in our world:

  • to remind ourselves that God is the source of peace,
  • to seek the peace of Christ that enables us to be people of peace and reconciliation,
  • to pay attention to what God is already doing to bring peace into the world,
  • to root and centre ourselves spiritually when our tendency is to swift action,
  • to connect ourselves with neighbours near and far,
  • to hold particular people and places in the light of Christ,
  • to cry out against violence, injustice and oppression,
  • to offer comfort and solidarity, advocacy and accompaniment to those who suffer.

The prayers in this collection have been provided by MCC workers and partner organizations. They express the deep longings of people for peace, and the profound conviction that the God of peace hears these prayers.

The main packet includes prayers for The Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, North Korea, South Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Ukraine, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Canada, and the United States.

Additional prayers for Angola, East Africa, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Egypt, Ukraine, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Mesoamerica, Canada, and the United States can be found in the accompanying downloads.

Also see Another Way IS Possible, MCC Remembrance Day Resource for Teachers.

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