Church Matters Podcast: Episodes 123 and 124: Holding On and Letting Go: A Hopeful Lament
Guest: Willard Metzger

PART OF SERIES Church Matters Podcast
2017, 27:02 min
Even as the Halo Project estimates the contribution of churches in Canada in the billions of dollars, traditional expressions of church across society are in decline. Regular attendance at a worship service is now defined as 1 or 2 times/month. Traditional volunteerism in churches is fading quickly, and so are donations. Some churches and denominations are re-organizing themselves accordingly. Others are in denial, and some are playing a wait and see game. In the middle are those who are re-inventing themselves. Young people are yearning for and creating alternative expressions of faith and worship, while elders mourn lost traditions. How do we hold things together in such times? Listen in on a conversation with Willard Metzger, Vice President of the Canadian Council of Churches and Executive Director of Mennonite Church Canada as he shares what he’s hearing from the young and the old in his visits to churches.

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