Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About

Book, 1992, 116 pp
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Maybe it's the king who spills honey, and then says it is not his problem - until it causes a war. Or maybe it's some sandpipers and whales who get into a foolish fight that almost destroys their homes. Perhaps it's the man who thinks that a gun makes him strong or the monkeys who follow their leader into water that's too deep.

Peace Tales contains more than three dozen folktales and proverbs that illustrate these choices. Always fun to read these stories also prompt us to think about the seemingly minor events that lead to war and the little events that can also lead to peace. Stories from across the globe are accompanied by generous story notes, source information, and suggestions for further reading on the topic of peace. These environmentally-aware stories will teach readers the importance of citizenship, fairness and responsibility.

"These inventive tales teach without preaching and offer practical solutions to inevitable conflicts." - Booklist

"Though-provoking vehicle for conflict resolution through story." - Horn Book

AudienceAdults, Children, Youth
PublisherAugust House

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