Work as Prayer / Prayer as Work
Sacred DNA - Family and Icons: November - December 2017

2017, 2 pp

"Work as Prayer/Prayer as Work is a collection of reclaimed embroidered rags. Each piece is a meditation on the work and labour that shapes our lives. Though the temptation exists to repair and renew these collected fabrics to the potential or purpose they once possessed (similar to the Japanese tradition of boro), instead, I choose to simply honour and respond to the state of the cloths as they are." - Carolyn Mount

"Sacred DNA: Family and Icons, [...] an intimate story of roots, culture and worship, references religious iconography from early Mediaeval, Coptic and non-Christian traditions in embroidery and textiles. The ceramic work represents a personal archeological excavation of my Indigenous ancestry, which has uncovered a well of deeply concealed thoughts, habits, possibilities, potential and spiritual/emotional holdings." - Tracy Fehr

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