Seven Whole Days
Poetical Movement Within Art: March - April 2018

illust. Faye Hall
2018, 2 pp

Malcolm Guite’s poetic sequence Seven Whole Days celebrates each day of creation and finally the sabbath day of rest. Artist Faye Hall has taken the poems and re-imagined them line by line in a series of beautiful meditations on how God’s glory shines out in the world. Each mixed media painting incorporates the handwriting of Malcolm Guite.

Poetical Movement Within Art - "I have come to think of the art of language as being much more than our speaking, listening, reading and writing to one another. [...] As important as the literal-utilitarian function of language is to our daily living, it is not enough. [...] So, over the millennia, we have invented figurative language, that is, the poetical. [...] It is by way of the creative genius expressed through our many different language tools that we can enter into poetical conversation with the Divine." - Anthony Chiarella

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